Hard To Place Risks

At Pioneer Insurance Group we’re regarded as being able to provide expert advice for hard to place occupations.

Being a business with an unusual or hard to place insurance risk, it can be very difficult and frustrating to find suitable insurance, especially when no one has taken the time to understand the real nature of the risk you are seeking insurance for.

Hard To Place Insurance Specialists

Pioneer Insurance Group have access to range of insurance products available from some Australia’s biggest and most competitive insurers. Pioneer Insurance Group has specialist brokers to assist with finding markets for difficult, complicated and high-risk occupations; most commonly referred to as Hard to Place.

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About Hard To Place Insurance

Often ‘off the shelf’ insurance policies just don’t meet the needs of your industry, the coverage is inadequate or the insurer has made it almost impossible for you to obtain insurance and meet the risk requirements. Thanks to our reputation in the industry, we have close relationships with specialist insurers who have appetites for certain classes of risks at competitive premiums.

We work across a wide variety of industries and businesses and invariably find homes for most major risks. We understand it can be frustrating and expensive to insure the ‘unusual’ and it’s comforting to speak with a professional who can guide you through the process and invariably find a satisfactory outcome.

Hard to Place Occupations Pioneer Insurance Group can assist with include:

  • Security insurance
  • Vacant Block of land insurance
  • Scaffolders insurance
  • Rail Industries insurance
  • Tree loppers insurance
  • Asbestos Removalists insurance
  • High Rise Window Cleaners insurance
  • Backpackers insurance
  • Sporting Organisations insurance
  • Nightclubs insurance
  • Welders insurance
  • Tour Operators insurance
  • Outdoor Events & Markets insurance
  • Mining Risks insurance
  • Hire & Rental insurance
  • and many more.

The staff at Pioneer Insurance have over 15 years of industry experience. As a part of the PSC Insurance Group we have access to wide range of insurance markets, both nationally and overseas. We are backed by the scale and bargaining power of the PSC Insurance Group.

PSC Connect enjoys a stable, ethical and professional reputation within the Insurance industry and through that relationship allows us to negotiate favourable trading terms for our clients. Our extensive business associations allow us to access national and international markets should they be required.

Our Hard To Place Insurance Expertise

Pioneer Insurance Group takes the time and work closely with you to understand your business, your assets and the unique risks you face. Unique and challenging risks require specialist advice to determine the best risk minimisation strategy and source the right insurance cover for your business.

Let us protect you, your business and your assets with an insurance programme that will help you when you need it most.

With our experience in hard-to-place insurance, and access to insurance markets, we can help you navigate through the complicated process of sourcing an insurance policy that covers you for the specific risks your business faces.

We’re passionate about finding the right level of insurance cover for you, at a competitive price.

Let us protect you, your business and your assets with a hard to place insurance programme that will help you when you need it most.

Hard To Place Insurance Experts

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